5 Best Meal Planning Apps for iPhone

5 Best Meal Planning Apps for iPhone

5 Best Meal Planning Apps for iPhone : Planning your meal is a must. It saves your calorie intake and, so is your wallet. It stops you to eat carelessly, and control your diet. You eat better, healthier food, do more cooking for yourself and put more thought into what you eat, try new recipes, and save at the grocery store at the same time. However, There is  a little issue. Nobody puts effort, when it comes to planning your meal list. It can be a little daunting; sifting through recipes and making lists. Well, Its your lucky day,  these 5 best apps can do it for you. So, Here are the  5 Best Meal Planning Apps for iPhone


Pepperplate allows individuals to organize the recipes they find on the application as well as those they add themselves to their personal Pepperplate account, hence, making their meal planning quite easier. This course-minded app has a built-in timer on iPad, which can help you make multiple dishes at once.

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Its available for free on the web, on iOS, Android, Windows Phone/Windows RT, Nook, and Kindle devices. Once youre signed up, you can import recipes from the web by pasting in the URL for them, or you can enter them manually from your favorite cookbooks or that stash of index cards you have. You can share your recipes, meal plans, or shopping lists with others if you need to. When youre ready to cook, Pepperplate will walk you through the recipes, complete with cooking timers to help you stay on top of simmering or baking food.

Download : iOS , Android


Earlier Ziplist was a simple grocery shopping list organizer, but its evolved over the years to be a richly featured shopping tool, recipe organizer, and meal planner. Along with weekly meal plans, individuals are able to  get coupons to ensure that they are continuously saving money while also saving the stress of coming up with creative meals. Its free, cross platform (available for iOS/Android/web), and even sports a clipping bookmarklet to save all of your favorite recipes.


It auto-generate the grocery list based on specific recipes and dishes that you want to add for each day. Then you can sync your meal plan with your calendar outside of the app so you get notifications on what to make, and can share your weekly menu with others. Ziplist also lets user to share recipes, making your dinner selection a bit easier.

Download : iOS , Android


If you are a cooking Pro and think that you have almost tried everything that any cooking channel has to offer, then Yummly is the app for you. With over one million drool-worthy recipes in its database, Yummly is the ultimate resource for casual chefs looking to whip up some fresh ideas.


There is a virtual recipe box called Yums, where you can add favorite recipes. You can filter app searches by prep time, nutrition or type of cuisine. After you choose the meals you’ll be making, the app curates all the ingredients to a grocery list, which can be exported to Instacart, a smartphone-based, grocery-delivery service.

Download :  iOS , Android


Paprika is a recipe manager for iOS, OS X, Android,and Kindle. Theres no web interface, so youll have to use the apps, but it is great at keeping your recipes neatly organized and collected. Paprika works by making its way into every part of your digital life. From your computer as both an application and website, Paprika also finds itself on multiple mobile platforms as well. This allows you to grab recipes you find just about anywhere and have them added to your list.

You can import recipes from web easily , you just need the URL of the recipe you want to add. Paprikas focus is on recipe management, but it also includes smart grocery lists and a menu planner that lets you add recipes to your plan, rate them once youve prepared them, and generate a grocery list for the week based on the things you want to make.

Download : iOS , Android


Last but not at all the least, CookSmarts. It is the most advanced out of all the meal planning programs. CookSmarts is an entire meal planning service. In addition to helping you plan out your weekly meals, the service aims to help its users learn to cook, explore new recipes, get familiar with the kitchen, and eat more healthy, homemade food. You can get three sample plans for free, but the service will really cost you $6/mo (if you pay by the year, it goes up to $8/mo if you want to pay monthly.)

All while emphasizing the use of natural ingredients, Cook Smarts presents videos and other resources to make healthy eating easier and more approachable. Not simply in how to prepare it, but also how to take care of and the upkeep of produce. You can tell the app how you want to eat —vegetarian, high protein, low-carb, paleo, or just a plain balanced diet, and youll get four new and interesting recipes every week along with ingredients, a downloadable and printable grocery list, and even step-by-step instructions and cooking videos to help you make everything. Pretty Amazing.

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