A mobile app for hiring house cleaning services

A mobile app for hiring house cleaning services

the online platform for hiring home cleaning services, has just announced the launch of its mobile application for iOS and Android devices .

With this app, users who wish to contract Vacate cleaning Melbourne services can do it from anywhere and in a few seconds. From the application, whether on the street or on the subway, users can access the database of qualified cleaners from the company.

The operation of the app is simple and intuitive: through the geolocation system and a specially designed algorithm, the platform selects and recommends a cleaner close to the client for only 10 euros per hour for recurrent cleanings, and 12 euros per hour for cleanings Punctual The user must only enter his address, the desired time and the duration of the cleaning. After this, the payment is made easily and quickly, through a credit / debit card.

The application allows sending an alert by mail or SMS  to notify the other household members the day and time the cleaner is expected; Synchronize appointments in the calendar of the phone and schedule alerts to remind the visit of the cleaners or repeat their previous hires.

All cleaners are registered as self-employed and must undergo a selection process, ensuring the safety of employer and employee, say its people in charge.

The Helpling service is available in Melbourne, ​​and will soon be extended to other countries

The company was born in Germany at the end of March and in these few months has spread to 7 countries of two continents: France, Sweden, Austria, Italy, Holland, Brazil and, last month, Spain.

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