Analyst claims iPhone 7 will feature 32 GB and up storage, skipping 16 GB models

Analyst claims iPhone 7 will feature 32 GB and up storage, skipping 16 GB models

Next-gen iPhone 7 is still four months away but pool of rumors and speculations already filled up to the top. The latest of all iPhone 7 will have 32 GB,and up storage instead of 16 GB. The claim is posted by an IHS Technology analyst on Chinese social media, Mobipicker. He said that he received this information via “supply chain research”. Furthermore, the anaylst also claims that iPhone 7 will feature 2 GB of RAM similar to iPhone 6s. Earlier this month, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had said that iPhone 7 Plus could feature 3GB RAM to meet the image processing requirement.

The analyst also claims that the device will feature a massive 256 GB internal storage. Apple fans have been complaining heavily about the low storage space especially with the availability of plenty of iOS apps including the occupation of plenty of pictures and FHD videos. Moreover, it is not possible to upgrade the storage in iPhones. Hence, the integration of 256GB storage chip into the internals of the iPhone will certainly fascinate iPhone users.

Apple introduced 16 GB to the iPhone lineup in 2008 and since then, it forms a base characterisitc of the all models. It lasted way too long, hence it is of no surprise that company is looking to upgrade the feature.

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In addition to upgrading the storage space, iPhone 7 is also rumored to bear a dual-camera system and major design modifications such as, borderless curved edges, slightly thinner body, redesigned antenna lines. Recently, iPhone 7 case images were leaked earlier this month which suggested that the device will have four speaker grills – two at the top and two at the bottom. It also showed a larger rear camera module and no place for a 3.5mm audio headphone jack to pave the way for Bluetooth wireless or lightning port connections for audio output.

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The iPhone 7 will likely be announced in the fall, likely at a media press event around September. iOS 10 may shine some light on what to expect from Apple’s future hardware. You can expect the launch of iOS 10 at WWDC on June 13. If not launched, then you can expect it along with iPhone 7 launch event in September.

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