Apple successfully lands patent for cellular connectivity in Macbooks alongwith other 42 patents

Apple successfully lands patent for cellular connectivity in Macbooks alongwith other 42 patents

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially granted 43 patents in the name Apple Inc. as revealed by Patently Apple. A complete list of patents granted is given at the end of the article (via. Patently Apple).

Among the patents, one noteworthy could really interest you, as it confirms cellular connectivity to its Macbooks in future. The patent was originally filed on June 8, 2015, and describes how ‘Isolated Cavity Antennas’ are installed within the slot-shaped opening residing between the device base(lower housing portion) and its lid(upper housing portion).

‘A slot-shaped opening may separate the upper and lower housing,’ states the abstract. ‘A flexible printed circuit with ground traces may bisect the slot-shaped opening to form first and second slots. Cavity antennas may be aligned with the slots.’

Jack Purcher further reported that each cavity antenna may include a hollow carrier with a pair of speakers. These speakers will be able to emit sound through the openings in the device base.

The Information given in the Patent suggests that the first slot, second slot, and third slot run parallel to the rotational axis. The installed ‘cavity’ antenna transmits and receives signals through the first slot when the MacBook is in the closed position. When the lid is opened, the antenna transmits and receives signals through the second and third slots.

There are actually two antennas installed in two cavities residing between the hinges, which deal with 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless local area network bands (sometimes referred to as IEEE 802.11 bands or wireless local area network communications bands). A third cavity is described for long-range communications such as cellular telephone bands. The patent even covers other connectivity options like near-field communications (NFC), 60GHz communications, light-based wireless connectivity, satellite navigation, and more.

Apple has a long history of naming a wide range of patents to its name and never using some of them. Similarly, it doesnt confirm that we could see the feature in our MacBooks soon. Large companies like Apple always tend to have a safe play by patenting everything they could in order to avoid any clash against the competitor in the future. However, one thing is sure – Implementing LTE in the Macs will make Apple a dominant character in the laptop industry. It would certainly be a turning point in the dropping sales of Macbooks.

Other than cellular connectivity, Apple also granted a patent that covers modification in the internal architecture of Macs Pro in order to provide a compact computing system having a high computing power density in a compact and durable enclosure. Along with these utility patents , Apple also grabbed four design patents covering 2009 13 MacBook Pro 13 and three relating to Apple Watch and band attachments

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