Apple has filed a trademark for Night Shift mode. The move hints at the companys plan to bring the feature onto other platforms that include  Macs, the Apple Watch, Apple TV as well as Apple CarPlay system. According to a report by PatentlyApple, Apple filed for the Night Shift trademark in the US and Hong Kong.

While the patent covers alot of devices that you won’t probably be thinking of, there are some really interesting ones. As of now, the only viable description that comes from the filings is that the feature is a computer software that is meant to help with controlling the display screens of computer and mobile devices. Clearly, the company is protecting the use of the name Night Shift on devices other than the iPhones.

Night Shift mode was  introduced in iOS 9.3 . The feature uses geolocation and clock timing to automatically make the colours on the screen warmer, to improve the experience on a device after evening. It makes it easier on the eyes and stops the glare of a bright screen at night.

Before Apple introduced Night Shift mode, F.lux used to handle the service on Mac. However, Apple put their journey to the end when they tried to release their program on the iPhone. Months later, Apple released its official version  of same functionality with the Night Shift feature. The service, till now is limited to only Apples desktops. But now that the iPhone maker has filed patents regarding the Night Shift feature with respect to Macs and MacBooks, it all but closes down any route that F.Lux would have used to make itself relevant on the platform.