Supercell is planning a major spring update for Clash of Clans

Game developer Supercell is planning to offer fans a major spring update for their popular game Clash of Clans and this time, the company is reaching general players for the answers.

According to the report, The developers are reportedly running a survey asking players for suggestions on what they want to be added in the Clash of Clans gameplay. It will be like a beta update wherein, developers ask their fans for input and gradually develop the game based on those ideas.

The report couldnt be officially confirmed, however, it does mention that some fans have been selected by developers to gather responses based on previous updates.

Asking audience for their input on the game is the result of the disappointment that Supercell posed to their fans with the recent Clash of Clans update, which features new levels for the Giant and the Archer Tower.


Apparently, fans expected more levels in the Giant and Archer Towers instead on the mere level 8 and 14 subsequently. But counting on how popular Clash of Clans has been and the countless days it brought extra challenges to its players, its unlikely that players will let the small glitch affect their eagerness to play the game.

Till now, Fans have asked for a new Daily quest system, better Clan management and improved ranking systems as their wishlist for the next update. Players could expect a new public survey for the next patch on the official forums in near future.