Build a mini Apple III replica case for your Rasperry Pi

Build a mini Apple III replica case for your Rasperry Pi

We hardly see any retro Apple gadgets nowadays but that doesnt mean you cant create one, 3D printing has made it all possible. So what if the case is plastic made, you could still put functionality in itAll you need is a Raspberry Pi and 3d modelling skills.  Recently Charles Mangin posted a great video on the modeling of a replica Apple III to the small scale needed to contain a Raspberry Pi.

The model is built using drawings of the real thing and a 3D printer, it looks almost identical to Apple’s machine, only smaller.

The Apple III made its debut way back in May 1980 with a 2MHz Synertek processor and 128KB of RAM. About 14000 units were recalled due to stability issues, and just four years later, the machine was discontinued. Apple managed to sold nearly 70000 units during that period, hence you may not find it anywhere now.

Charles first modeled the Apple III replica using  Autodesk 123 and referencing photos from Google image search and some Apple history websites. After sketching,  he crafted the paths in iDraw and further imported them into the Autodesk where he finally managed to draw a perfect 3D model sketch giving each part a real life detailings.

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The model is then sent off for professional 3D printing to capture all the detail. Now it just left with finishing touch and your mini Apple III is all set to house Raspberry Pi. The project obviously requires hefty efforts with pro 3D designing skills, but with your Raspberry Pi in Apple III case will certainly make you stand outside the crowd. Check out the video tutorial by Charles Mangin below.

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