How to encrypt your iPhone

How to encrypt your iPhone: The fight between Apple and FBI over decrypting the details of Bernadinho attacker’s iPhone took a surprising turn last week. FBI decoded the encryption on the iPhone on its own without notifying the company about it. The ability of FBI reaching this far is certainly shocking and kind of worrying as it exposed  the vulnerability of our smartphones.

Our device hold personal photos, private messages, emails, and sometimes even sensitive health information.  It would be devastating for this data to fall into the wrong hands. You can choose to use a security code, but that even can’t save you from becoming the victim of deep hacking.

To protect your iPhone from getting hacked easily, we recommend to consider encrypting your device. iPhone devices already have encryption feature which was introduced back in 2014 for iOS 8. All it takes is a security code or fingerprint to enable it. While a basic four-digit passcode will do, for better protection I recommend using a longer numerical passcode or a password. Here’s How to encrypt your iPhone

How to encrypt your iPhone

Step 1. Go to Settings App

How to encrypt your iPhone

Step 2. Select Touch ID & Passcode

How to encrypt your iPhone

Step 3. Tap on the “Turn Passcode On” option

Step 4. Enter a strong passcode or password

How to encrypt your iPhone

That’s it. You are now ready to protect your beloved digital belongings from the alligator in the web market. For more such articles, Stay with iPhoneBites.

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