How to rearrange Apple Watch apps from your iPhone 6s

Apple Watch features a Home screen that some of the users, especially Beginners will find messy to deal with. The apps are arranged in a carousel rather than the grid layout, with which we all are pretty much familiar. Thankfully, apps can be rearranged to a pattern of your liking, and many people have come up with some pretty original patterns in their pursuit of an icon layout that suits them. Apple made it even easier by giving iPhone users, the ability to rearrange the apps directly from their device. Here’s How to rearrange Apple Watch apps from your iPhone 6s

Step. 1 Launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

arrange apple watch apps


Step. 2 Tap on My Watch in the bottom navigation.

apple watch apps


Step 3. Tap on App Layout.

apps apple watch layout cool

Step 4. Drag and rearrange apps, however you’d like. When you’re done, your changes will automatically sync to your Apple Watch.

You can move, or rearrange all the icons except the Watch face, which must stay in the center of the layout.

There is no “wiggle-mode” involved when rearranging apps from the Apple Watch app on iPhone. Just tap the My Watch button in the upper left-hand corner when finished.

You can also watch the twitter video from official Apple Support account explaining how to rearrange apps from your iPhone 6s

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