iPad 3

iPad third generation, also called iPad 3, was announced on March 7, 2012. Though it looked similar to the 2011 iPad 2, however the software technology was far beyond.  It added a Retina display, the new Apple A5X chip with a quad-core graphics processor, a 5 megapixel camera, HD 1080p video recording, voice dictation, and support for LTEnetworks in North America. Battery life remains an astounding 10hrs on Wi-Fi and an equally amazing 9hrs on LTE.

The front camera remains a disappointing VGA quality, but the rear camera has been significantly upgraded to 5 megapixels. It shipped with iOS 5.1, which also provides a platform for audio-visual media, including electronic books, periodicals, films, music, computer games, presentations and web content.

Just couple of hours after the release, Researchers demonstrated within hours of the product release that the third-generation iPad can be “jailbroken” to use applications and programs that are not authorized by Apple.

Apple discontinued the iPad 3 after only 6 months, replacing it with the iPad 4.

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