iPad Pro 9.7 : Release Date, Price, Specifications, Reviews

Apple is widely appraised for its marketing strategy, and certainly this time, apple took the chance to hit the hot iron. The company announced a  new version of iPad Pro with 9.7 inch display on March 21, 2016 at special event in their headquarters.

iPad Pro 9.7 is certainly a no discount deal for the regular iPad lovers, however, Users that are not a much fan of Big screens may find it quite fascinating. The major specifications are overall similar to iPad Pro, It just that they are paired into a smaller parent. iPad Pro 9.7 is light in weight and so it is for your wallet as the price is $599 (32 GB) as compared to $799 (32 GB) for iPad Pro 2015.

Apple added a new functionality in the iPad Pro 9.7 called True Tone display.  The idea is that two four-channel ambient light sensors monitor the temperature of the surroundings and adjust the output onscreen. This means when you’re reading something on screen it looks more natural. The new Pro also has a keyboard to go with it, attached by the Smart Connector buttons on the tablets edge. This is a better system than Bluetooth, the main system used by many other keyboards because the connection is persistent – Bluetooth keyboards need a second or two to wake up which can be frustrating.