New resources in macOS Sierra hints at upcoming OLED touch bar , Touch ID support on Macbook Pro

New resources in macOS Sierra hints at upcoming OLED touch bar , Touch ID support on Macbook Pro

At WWDC, Apple has unveiled the next update to OS X for Macs, branded as macOS Sierra. Other than the name change, macOS Sierra will bring features like- Auto Unlock functionality, Apple pay,  device-to-device desktop file sharing, reducing storage load by sending data into the iCloud reducing local storage pressure and a  couple of others.

But there are some hidden additions that may only be accessible to the developer side. Some evidence has been discovered within the code of the initial macOS Sierra beta that hints there may be some truth to the rumors that Apple is building a MacBook Pro with a built-in OLED touch bar and Touch ID support. macOS Sierra APIs spotted by French language publication Mac Generation point to human interface device (HID) usage resources suggest incorporation of a secondary, potentially customizable, display.

For example, there is a new “kHIDUsage_LED_DoNotDisturb” reference that seems to hint at a dedicated LED Do Not Disturb button. Another reference coded as kHIDUsage_LED_NumLock and kHIDUsage_LED_CapsLock APIs seemingly relates to a keyboard status graphic, a logical asset for inclusion if Apple were to integrate a standalone status bar.  Other resources control display of battery life indicators, printer status, media player functions, media transport,  audio controls and generic alerts, among other assets.

Here is a list of some of the more interesting kHIDUsage_LED references in macOS:

  • kHIDUsage_LED_BatteryLow
  • kHIDUsage_LED_BatteryOK
  • kHIDUsage_LED_CameraOn
  • kHIDUsage_LED_EqualizerEnable
  • kHIDUsage_LED_Forward
  • kHIDUsage_LED_Mute
  • kHIDUsage_LED_NightMode
  • kHIDUsage_LED_Stereo
  • kHIDUsage_LED_SurroundOn

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Among the given references, There is kHIDUsage_LED_NightMode resource that  hints at a button that would perhaps enable dark mode, Do Not Disturb, and/or Night Shift on the Mac. Some references are pointing to a Biometric device, with input options for single, double and trip taps. In 2013, an iOS 7 beta contained a hidden biometric resource that hinted at fingerprint recognition for iPhone, and a similar one has now been discovered in Sierra. There is also mention of “USB Superspeed+” for USB 3.1.


Last month it was reported that Apple was planning a major MacBook Pro revamp that would bring support for Touch ID fingerprint authentication as well as a new OLED touch bar. Documentation for the new APIs,however, provides no information to developers, only stating that the technology is still in development. These resources do not  confirm the reports that claim new Macbook Pro may launch in coming weeks. But the new resources coupled with last month’s report definitely imply that something new is cooking in the industry.

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