Video gives a clear look at iPhone 7 clone available in China at $150

The new iPhone is yet to be released at traditional Septembers hardware launch event. But looks like China has already sensed the market the phone will bring with its launch and thats is why some of the manufacturers in the country started retailing iPhone 7 clone on their own at cheap rates. Nick from Besound launched a video showing the clone which depicts an accurate design of iPhone 7 as expected.  The mock-up is good if somebody wants to see the possibilities in the upcoming device but overall  the clone is nothing, just an empty shell. It is just simple casing and it dont function.

Based on rumors we’ve heard, the iPhone 7 will look pretty similar to the iPhone 6 andiPhone 6s, featuring an improved antenna design and a larger camera lens. Otherwise, it’s still the same shape and size, though you’ll notice that the iPhone 7 clone is lacking a 3.5mm headphone jack.

It cant be confirmed that this clone is based on a genuine iPhone 7 casing, however, it does line up with some rumors and leaks that weve witnessed earlier.

Nick, who purchased the iPhone 7 mockup seen in the video, tells us the manufacturers can make a fortune predicting Apple’s next refresh. Not only do fans snap them up, but also accessory makers who want to ensure they have products built to fit the new iPhone in time for launch. While most of the leaks might featured Apple logo but still it doesnt confirm the Genuity of the claim because majority of these are never produced by an authorised Apple supplier.