Spyder Powershadow- A Powerful Recharging Phone Case for iPhone

If you’ve ever shopped for a phone case with a built-in battery, you know the struggle. Too many products, too heavy, too expensive, poorly rated, the list goes on, and that’s where something like the Spyder: PowerShadow battery case comes into play.

Billed as “the world’s thinnest and most advanced docking iPhone battery case, the PowerShadow for iPhone 6/6s features a 2750mAh battery (3500 mAh for 6/6s Plus) that provides an extra 120% power for continued use. That’s more than enough time to help you grind to your desired level in Final Fantasy IX. Unfortunately, it makes the phone a little longer (which is only to be expected), bringing the total length to 5.9″. It’s only .6″ thick, including a small buffer that provides a lip around the screen. Score! And it’s only as wide as a standard case.

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Equally important to gamers, the PowerShadow’s durable, unibody design weighs in at only 3oz. (12.5mm thick) for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, making sure you still get a comfortable gaming experience.

The Spyder Powershadow brings a pretty impressive set of features to the table.

Shock Proof When it comes to an iPhone case the single most important factor is protection. If your case can’t protect your phone it’s not really a “case” is it? Despite the thin and sleek design of the PowerShadow (it’s literally one of the thinnest battery cases we’ve ever reviewed) it provides more than ample shock protection.

Wireless Charging If you hate charging cables as much as me, this is a god send. The powershadow comes with the option to dock your phone (dock sold separately) and charge it without having to worry about cables. Even better the dock even allows your phone to automatically backup itself up so you don’t have to worry about ever losing your data.

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Water & Spill Resistant The case is fairly water and spill resistant which is huge for a battery case. As you can probably imagine water and other liquids aren’t too kind to batteries. Compared to the battery cases we’ve reviewed the PowerShadow takes the cake from a spill/water resistance standpoint. The one piece design and nearly flawless fit prevents virtually any liquid to make it’s way to your covered phone areas or more importantly into the battery located inside the case.

Recharge Function The recharge function is also wonderful. The case charges the phone first, then the case, meaning you retain your natural battery life, even if you don’t charge it to full capacity. The iPhone has a capacity of 1810mAh, and the PowerShadow has an additional 2750, an increase of over 150% base capacity. Although Apple has a death grip on the Lighting port, Spyder has managed to solve the data-transfer issue with the PowerShadow. Using a microUSB, it connects easily to my PC, and facilitates a seamless connection.

Additional features include:

  • Silver Seal™ protection with antimicrobial product protection and fungistatic agent to keep the case cleaner, greener and fresher
  • A flexible docking design that allows the user to charge iPhone through the battery case eliminating the need to ever remove the case (dock sold separately)
  • An impact-resistant polycarbonate casing with rubberized coating for better grip and raised front edge for added protection
  • USB charging cable
  • Ultra-secure wired data syncing through case
  • Access to all ports, buttons and cameras
  • An on/off button to let the user control the power
  • Apple® MFI (Made for iPhone) certification
  • Black, Titanium, Champagne and White color options for iPhone 6/6s, and Black and Titanium for iPhone 6/6s Plus

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Why should you buy?

When it comes to charging cases for the iPhone 6 & iPhone 6s the PowerShadow really is the cream of the crop. With a slim and sleek design, industry leading battery capacity, superior build quality, and a 1 year warranty there really isn’t a better option on the market in 2016.

Also if you’re like myself and hate having to worry about charging cables for your iPhone you should really check out their wireless docking station as well. Similar to their iPhone case the docking station is a premium product with a reasonable price tag.

Overall, I’d strongly encourage folks to use the PowerShadow, especially if you travel a lot or use your phone constantly during your normal daily routine.

Currently, The Spyder: PowerShadow is available now for $79.97 at  Amazon at 20% discount.

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