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You can submit your New or existing App store app in here. We will let you know if your app is accepted after thorough reviewing for our publishing conditions below.

Before submitting, Please check necessary conditions your app must adhere to in order to feature in our Appscategory. We use 100% acceptance rate for all eligible apps. We strictly recommend not to submit app that does not follow our conditions. Please make sure that your app is completely qualified by cross checking list otherwise it will be rejected.

Submission Checklist:

  • App Store link (Feel free to submit play store link if your app is live on Android as well )
  • Publisher Info (Bio- Name, Email , *Website, *Earlier Projects , Country)
  • Screenshots, and Video clips (optional but preferred)
  • How you came up with the idea?
  • Full App Description (Whats in the app?)
  • Why your App is unique? (If your app is the modification of an existing app, Give details)
  • How this app will help users or affect their day-to-day life? (Games may skip this point)
  • Whats Next? (Anything you want to add up like upcoming updates,  apps, plans )


  • App must be unique (new idea or modification in an existing app just to make life better).
  • App must have atleast 1000 downloads.
  • App should not have sexual graphical content.
  • App should not have content provoking violence.
  • Do not submit apps made primarily for e-commerce

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